Air St. Lukes

Air_St_LukesMost of us never think about life-threatening illnesses or injuries, but they happen every day–to people of all ages and physical abilities.

No matter whether you require a medical transport from one hospital to another, or have suffered a traumatic injury, Air St. Luke’s, one of Boise ATV Trail Rider’s (BATR) sponsors, will transport you in the safest manner to the nearest, most appropriate hospital.

Join Now!

In cooperation with Air St. Lukes in Boise, Idaho, the BATR Club strongly recommends that our members take advantage of Air St. Luke’s air ambulance membership which includes yourself, your spouse and any dependent children under the age of 23 that are claimed on your income tax. Air St. Lukes has a reduced membership offer for our club.

Contact Air St. Lukes

  • In Boise call — 208-706-1000
  • Outside Boise call — 1-800-822-1616

Direct On-line Link

Air St. Luke’s Membership Program. Copy their Application and mail directly to them at their address.