Does the club help educate ATV riders on how to ride safely?

Leslie Gulch

Climbing a hill at Warm Springs Point above the Owyhee River near old townsite of Watson, OR.

Yes, we do.  One of our goals of the Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders Club is to find opportunities to help educate riders on how to ride their ATVs safely and be prepared on the trail.  We encourage members to ask for help if they need it out on the trail.  The seasoned riders are always happy to help or teach you how to ride your ATV in difficult situations.  See Purpose.

We encourage everyone, whether a member or not, to never ride alone.  There is always safety in numbers especially when a rider needs help such as mechanical or medical.  Help may be needed climbing a hill as shown on the left.  Members are standing guard while the riders come up a hill.

We encourage riders to always tell someone where they are going and expected return time.  Our motto is “Plan your ride, and ride your plan.” In otherwords, ride where you say you are going…don’t change your location unless you tell someone.

We also recommend that all ATV drivers take a class on how to ride their ATV safely either through their ATV manufacturer or Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation.  We also recommend that members sign up for air transportation service.  Click on our Emergency Air Service sponsor link.

Educational Articles

What is the Club’s stance on helmets and alcohol?

We encourage our members to ALWAYS wear helmets, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, and appropriate shoes while riding their ATV.  In Idaho, it is a law that a rider must wear a helmetif they are 18 years of age or younger.  As far as alcohol…on July 1, 1999 a law went into affect that included ATVs while driving under the influence.  Click

We encourage all members to wear a helmet while riding. Idaho requires age 18 and under must wear a helmet.

on link to see sections of the Idaho Code pertaining to ATVs.  Our stance, we do not condone the use of alcohic beverages while riding ATVs.

Ride Disclaimer – The Boise ATV Trail Riders Club assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or other injury to persons or property in connection with participation in any OHV ride.  Juveniles must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Your presence and participation in rides indicates knowledge of, and an assumption of, the resulting risks involved.  All participants are, therefore, urged to be sure they use proper riding gear, and are in satisfactory physical condition and to secure prior to the ride appropriate medical and personal injury and property damage insurance coverage.

Rule on AlcoholOn July 1, 1999 a law went into affect that included ATVs/UTVs while driving under the influence.  Click on link to see sections of the Idaho Code pertaining to ATVs/UTVs.  To protect the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club and its members from potential liability, we do not condone the use of alcoholic beverages while riding ATVs/UTVs.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we must take precautions.  What a person does after a ride is there choice.

Guests & Non-Members Attending Rides

Guests/non-members are invited to join us on a ride.  If you interested in coming on a ride with us, we invite you to attend our monthly meetings to find out where we are riding and when.  Our most current rides will be listed on the right-hand side under the side bar heading Upcoming Events.  We also provide a list the members at our monthly meetings, a list of the next two months of upcoming rides.  Once you become a BATR member, you will have access to the ATV Ride Center which has all the local ISATVA club rides listed.  See Meetings & Information  for additional information about joining our Boise ATV Trail Riders.  Feel free to Submit a Comment  (below) if you have any questions, contact one of the officers listed under the  Contact Us.  Check out our Ride Journals or Ride Photo Albums which share  stories and photos about each place we have been and how much fun we had.

Rider Safety Rule

While riding with a group, we stress the importance of watching for the two riders behind you.  Don’t turn off a main road or trail without waiting for them to catch up.  Make sure they see you turn off especially when you come to a “T” or “Y” in the road or trail.  Best thing to do is wave at the two riders and wait for them to acknowledge by waving back.  It is important that everyone arrives back at their vehicles safely.  See Code of Riding Ethics.

ATV/UTV Training


ATV Training Class with Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation.

We are partners with the Idaho Parks & Recreation Department (IDPR) in providing ATV training for all ages.  Contact us or IDPR to sign-up for an ATV/UTV class.  This “no cost” class size is limited and scheduled depending on volunteer’s available time. 

Registering your ATVlink to IDPR video.