Don’t Ride Alone

Our BATRC stresses, "there is safety in numbers...never ride alone!"

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Cleaning Trails

During the late spring and early summer months, we combine many of our rides with a trail clean-ups and sometimes a camp-out. We need all the volunteers we can get. Come to a monthly meeting to hear how you can help us "keep the roads and trails open for all."

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Trail Difficulty Guide

Our seasoned ride leaders felt it was important to rate the trails to help members pick rides that fit their capabilities.

Trail Difficulty Guide2022-03-03T23:26:03+00:00

Type of Trails

We invite you to attend our Boise ATV Trail Riders Club monthly meetings to find out where the next ride will be, trail conditions, trail difficulty, etc.; or once you become a BATRC member, you can read about our rides in the ATV Ride Center or the Ride & Event Calendar.

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